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Capital K9s has provided all support for the Madison Police Department K9 unit since its inception in 2004.
Become a member today and help protect those who protect us!

About Us

Capital K9s Organization

In 2004, MPD Sgt. Chris Boyd (Ret.) worked on a joint drug enforcement task force  with a drug-sniffing Dutch Shepherd, K9 Arno.  When the task force ended, K9 Arno – who had years of work-life ahead – was out of a job.  Sgt. Boyd lobbied MPD administration to create a K9 unit, but there was no money in the budget.  In Anchorage Alaska, after a police officer was killed searching a warehouse for a suspect (a job that a police K9 does really well), local residents started a charity to provide K9s to their police force, which gave Sgt. Boyd the idea to ask for similar support from the Madison community.

In 2004, the Madison City Council passed a resolution permitting MPD to accept donations from Capital K9s to create and maintain a K9 unit.  Over the years, studies have proven the incredible value of pairing high-drive K9s with a human police officers.  To date, Capital K9s has funded 20 – soon to be 21 – K9s for MPD.

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Capital K9s is a
501(c)(3) that relies exclusively on donations to maintain and expand the Madison Police Department K9 Unit.

Donations are used to purchase working dogs, specialized squad cars and equipment, ongoing training, and some veterinary care.  Taxpayer funds are NOT used for these expenditures.

The City of Madison Police K9 and Equine Partners, Inc. (Capital K9s) is a non-profit 501(c)3, volunteer-run organization which exists to support the expansion and maintenance of the City of Madison Police Department K9 Unit and to educate the community about the value and effectiveness of using dogs in police work.

Contact us to make a donation or donate directly to Capital K9 via our Paypal account.


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Meet the Team

The Madison Police Department K9 Unit currently consists of 7 dogs and handlers. 6 are patrol/drug detection/search dogs and 1 is trained in explosives detection and search. 


Veterinary Sponsors

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